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Information First

More information about your property and its location.

Your audience will know the orientation of the property as well as the view, natural light ratio, appliances/furniture, and architectural design about each room in the property.

Q&A Automation

A section in your ad that will cover the most common questions.

It's content is controlled by you. Home seekers will be able to search through the FAQs instead of you having to answer the same questions over and over again.

Home Visitation Management

Manage all of your team's home visits from a single platform.

Home seekers will be able to schedule a viewing at the property according to your availability on a personalised and fully updated calendar.

Our Business Model

Paraspot with all its functionalities will be for free. Forever.

We generate revenues in 3 ways:
1. Affiliate Marketing
2. White label solutions for real estate professionals
3. API of our Computer Vision Algorithms

We generate all the relevant information
about the property by processing the images

By processing your properties address we
generate all the data about the location

location data

You can seamlessly upload your properties
through your CRM by using our OpenImmo license

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